Docuseries chronicles Morristown small business owners during COVID-19 pandemic

Small business owners are sharing their journeys of surviving the COVID-19 pandemic in a new docuseries based in Morristown.
The series is called “Closed Until Further Notice,” and it captures the struggles and survival of small business owners in Morristown during the pandemic.
“They’re kind of like the heroes of towns in general. Small businesses are the backbone of any town,” says Zack Ryan, of StrixMedia
The project was put together by the local production company StrixMedia.
The creators interviewed 15 business owners about their experiences at a time when lockdown, capacity limits and regulations could change overnight.
“I think it’s a big takeaway to understand that there are people behind these businesses. It’s not just a logo. It’s people’s livelihood,” says StrixMedia’s Dan Gianfrancesco.
The series was originally intended to be a documentary drawing attention to the issues faced by these small businesses. But the producers decided to have individual segments instead. They say the hope is to capture what all these owners went through during an unprecedented time.
“Closed Until Further Notice” premiered at a local screening and can be viewed online.