Doctor who attended NJ fundraiser says President Trump showed no symptoms of coronavirus at event

A doctor who attended President Donald Trump's New Jersey fundraiser says the president did not show any signs of carrying coronavirus during the event.
Dr. Richard Roberts says Trump's mind was "sharp" and his energy was "good."
"He didn't cough, sneeze or clear his throat once," Roberts says.
Roberts says he had to take and pass a rapid COVID-19 test administered by the Secret Service before being allowed into Trump's Bedminster golf club.
Once inside, Roberts joined more than a dozen other people at a table distanced by about 10 feet.
The doctor says he is healthy and has been under quarantine for the last six months so unless he feels symptoms he won't get tested.
"There's no need for me to get tested and if I get symptoms, we'll deal with it," Roberts says.
Roberts says he is concerned for the president and would give him convalescent plasma.
Roberts and his family have donated $900,000 to President Trump's campaign this year.
He is an Orthodox Jewish person and says he wanted to meet the president to talk about discrimination to members of his religion in Jackson Township.