Doctor: Simone Biles’ decision shows importance of recognizing mental health struggle

Defending Olympic champion Simone Biles is now pulling out of all-around individual competition at the Tokyo Olympics.
The announcement comes just a day after Biles pulled out of the team finals because of mental health concerns. The gymnast says that she did not want to jeopardize her health and well-being.
One doctor tells News 12 New Jersey that the most important step is acknowledging the struggle when it comes to one’s mental health.
Dr. Ann Marie Zihal is a clinician at Careplus NJ. She says that unfortunately many people don't acknowledge that struggle.
“I think we have a culture in America where we try to just push through…we don’t talk about anything that we’ve gone through…it’s all taboo,” Zihal says. “We’re seen as weak or you’re seen as somebody who is less than. That needs to change."
Team USA used Wednesday as a mental rest day.