Do NJ drivers really flip ‘the bird’ on the road? News 12’s Brian Donohue finds out

There's a popular trend on Twitter combining emojis and wordplay, in which users post the phrase, "If I text you" followed by an emoji, "it means"...And then they fill in a witty phrase describing what the emoji means to them.
This week, the celebratedly snarky official state of New Jersey Twitter account jumped on board - with a tweet about drivers going too slow in the left lane and a middle finger emoji.
Funny, perhaps. Clever, yes.
But News 12's Brian Donohue couldn't help but wonder about the latest example of New Jerseyans being depicted as middle-finger happy. Is it true? Do New Jersey drivers and New Jerseyans in general flip the bird more often than people in other states?
On today's "Brian's Positively New Jersey" segment Brian digs into some polling data and hits a Turnpike rest stop to talk about what is sometimes referred to as the New Jersey state bird.