Diocese of Camden to pay out $90M to victim survivors of clergy sexual abuse

Yesterday, the Diocese of Camden announced it will be paying out $90 million to victim survivors of clergy sexual abuse.  
In October of 2020, the diocese filed for bankruptcy which stated financial hardships from paying out sexual abuse lawsuits, and the pandemic was a big factor in what led them to do so.  
The diocese said the payout would allow them to make sure that all survivors would have access to resources in a statement made yesterday. 
They say that the $90 million is a result of extensive negotiation efforts and will be used to pay out approximately 300 claims that have been filed against the diocese.  
Parishes within the diocese, including Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester and Camden counties, will also be contributing. It also includes $30 million from insurers.  
In addition to paying out the $90 million, the diocese says it will continue to put safeguards in place to make sure that clergy sexual abuse does not happen again.