Denville tanning salon owner defies executive order by reopening business

A Denville tanning salon owner will reopen her business, in defiance of Gov. Phil Murphy's executive order

News 12 Staff

May 16, 2020, 2:46 AM

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Small business owners in New Jersey will collectively be getting $50 million as part of the federal CARES Act.
Gov. Phil Murphy says that small businesses are the core of the economy in the Garden State and he says that he wants to help them get through the pandemic.
But the assistance may not be enough for some small business owners like Allie Lanari, who has decided to reopen her tanning salon business in Denville – defying Murphy’s executive order closing nonessential businesses.
“You know, I just can’t risk losing anymore,” says Lanari.
Lanari owns Brushed Tanning Studio along Broadway in Denville. She says that she has lost almost $100,000 since the pandemic began from the closing of all three of her studios.
“We shut down to flatten the curve and we did everything that we were supposed to,” she says. “I have four children. They’re 9, 10, 11 and 13. I make up 75% of my household income.”
The governor has now allowed some nonessential businesses to reopen for curbside pickup. But Lanari says that this is not an option for her. She says that the hardship is made more difficult for her by what she sees near her shop. Two businesses are allowed to be open. She says that there are long lines at the Lowes and ice cream shops nearby.
“Not for nothing, Dairy Queen is open. Last time I checked, it was not essential to have Dairy Queen,” she says.
Inside of her store, Lanari says that there is enough room for her and one client at a time in need of a spray tan. She wears a mask and has everything sanitized. She says that she has now troubling bringing clients in. She has 24 booked for Friday.
“Can I be the first?” asked longtime client Amanda Thys.
Thys signed up soon after she heard about the reopening.
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“To me, this is a safer situation than walking into Dunkin’ Donuts and picking up a curbside coffee,” she says.
Lanari says that she is not being political. But she says that she thinks that the restrictions aren’t’ fair because the decisions are coming from one person – Gov. Murphy – and not the Legislature.
The salon owner says that she knows that she could be shut down or even fined for her actions. But she says that she is doing what she believes she has to do.

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