Demonstrators in NYC demand justice be served in killing of Breonna Taylor

Protests continued across New York City Thursday to demand that justice be served in the name of Breonna Taylor.
Protesters gathered at Maria Hernandez Park in disagreement with the grand jury’s decision to not charge any officer for causing the 26-year-old’s death when they were serving a late-night warrant back in March.
Only former Detective Brett Hankison was indicted--facing three counts of wanton endangerment in the first-degree for his actions --a charge for a person who commits a crime that could cause substantial injury, danger, or death to another person. This was granted because the jury found that shots he fired had passed through Taylor’s apartment into her neighbors, which could have hurt them.
In Louisville, Kentucky, where Taylor was from, two officers were shot and wounded during demonstrations following the decision.
The NYPD says there were no arrests and no injuries to officers during Wednesday’s protests in New York City.
Demostrators also gathered in McCarren Park for a vigil in Taylor’s honor.
Many tell News 12 they were not expecting such a large crowd.
Bike riders also chanted “Say her name” while ringing their bells through the streets of Brooklyn Thursday night as part of their demonstration for justice.