Democratic, Republican rallies held across NJ in run-up to Election Day

As Election Day draws near, two political rallies were held in New Jersey Sunday -- one for President Donald Trump and the other for Democratic incumbent Rep. Tom Malinowski.
The rally in support of President Trump was held in Mount Olive.
The other rally in support of Malinowski, which had many supporters for Joe Biden, was held in Cranford.
Both rallies were hosted much differently than they normally would be due to COVID-19.
People who went to see Malinowski stayed in their cars for the most part, to social distance. Dozens of cars drove through, checking in with staff on scene who handed them a list of COVID-19 safety guidelines that they had to follow.
The race between Malinowski and Republican candidate Tom Kean Jr. is one of the most competitive races in the state.
The Trump rally also had similar rules in place due to COVID-19.
The pandemic didn't stop many who say they were eager to get out and show their support one way or another.