Deep Dive: Ways residents in New Jersey are saving money

Sacrifices must be made in the name of saving money. News 12’s Tony Caputo asked New Jersey residents what are they doing to save. 
Andy Eaves from Edison says he is not driving as much. He is also making a big sacrifice. 
“No vacation no time soon,” says Eaves. 
Eaves says he has to save money. 
“Gotta make sure I can spend money on my girlfriend,” says Eaves. 
Fellow Edison resident Wayne Enoch says there is a lot of home cooking happening now. 
Doneek McGee, of Neptune, agrees with Enoch. 
“Just not going out too much. Just staying home, saving every penny I can save so on these rainy days…I have some stored away,” says McGee.   
While some are making the ultimate sacrifice by not taking vacations, John Anagnostis from Perth Amboy is not. 
“It’s not going to hinder me,” says Anagnostis. “I’ll still go on vacation.”
With everything going on, it can help one maintain their sanity.