Deep Dive: A look at what is costing you more and what is dropping in prices

From rising gas prices to a rise in groceries, it seems like everything is costing you more these days. It is forcing people to make changes in their spending habits. 
News 12’s Kristie Reeter discusses how people are spending their hard earned money these days with Investopedia’s Caleb Silver. 
Silver says 40% of the household budget is where the increases are the highest: gas and food. 
“In New Jersey, just in the month of February, unleaded gasoline prices up 5.4%, fruits and veggies up 3.4%,” says Silver. 
The good news is there are areas where prices are going down. 
“We are finally seeing some relief in utility prices and the energy we need to heat our homes, those are down 11% in the month of February,” says Silver. “23% of that, Kristie, was electricity.”