DEEP DIVE: Son of 9/11 victim says its important for future generations to learn about the attacks

Sept. 11 is a tough day for family members of those who died in the terror attacks 22 years ago.
News 12’s Kurt Siegelin spoke with Rob Pycior whose father Joe died at the Pentagon on that fateful day.
Pycior, who works at a middle school now, says that it is important for those who were born after the attacks to understand the motto “never forget.”
“9/11 shifted the perspective of, not just the U.S. as a nation, but the globe. A recognition that terrorism isn't something only in a faraway land. Terrorism is something that can hit home and does hit home,” he says.
In addition to being a school social worker, Pycior is also a group leader of the “Survivors of Tragedy Outreach Program” (STOP) at the nonprofit Tuesday’s Children.
WATCH: Full interview with Rob Pycior