Heat advisory continues in New Jersey as highs approach near 100 degrees

Dave’s Forecast: Temps drop overnight, Sunny Wednesday ahead

Wednesday will see sunny and slightly cooler weather. Thursday should see temps warm up.

Dave Curren

Nov 14, 2023, 11:21 AM

Updated 220 days ago


Gusty winds took center billing on Tuesday’s weather marquee. Gusts of 20-35 mph kept the temperatures feeling just a bit cooler than what was actually being recorded on the thermometers.
TONIGHT: The winds back down quite a bit as fair weather noses in from Pennsylvania. Clear skies and light winds will allow the temperatures to drop quickly. Expect a frosty start to Wednesday morning, so give yourself a little extra time to warm up the car.
WEDNESDAY: The weather is sunny and slightly cooler again. Slowly this fair-weather system slides offshore. This will turn the winds from the Carolinas and our weather begins to warm up.
THURSDAY: Still fairly sunny with highs in the 60s.
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Weather needs to be watched. Two systems lurking could interfere with our weather. A coastal storm, that with each new model run looks more and more potent with wind and rain for the beaches. Then a cold front that should nudge the coastal low out to sea but brings another shot of cold air with it for the second half of the weekend.
Nothing is set in stone just yet. The wind for the weekend could be the final straw in bringing down the remaining leaves on trees. (Just when you think you've got the leaves under control. The wind creates more cleanup problems.)

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