Mike's Forecast: Summer-like temperatures last into the weekend; tracking Sunday rain

Mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper-70s are expected over the next few days.

Dave Curren

Oct 25, 2023, 9:58 AM

Updated 268 days ago


The calendar says late October, but it feels and will continue to look like the beginning of June right up to the weekend. (To me, this fall warm-up is like having a jalapeño pepper on your Cheerios for breakfast - disgusting! But I digress.)
TONIGHT: We'll notice a couple of clouds in the sky. Light winds from the southwest will keep the air warmer than average. Overnight temperatures will slowly fade to the upper-40s and low-50s. Normally it would be 45.
THURSDAY: Mainly sunny skies. Favorable winds will bolster the temperatures to near-record warmth. The record is 79 degrees in 1964. Thursday’s forecast is also 79. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few neighborhoods overachieving and climb to at least 80 degrees.
FRIDAY: With the reintroduction of some cloud cover, temperatures might not reach their true potential. (If it was mainly sunny, I think we'd have a chance for 80-85 degrees.) But in reality, more clouds are likely going to share the sky over the state. This will keep temps in the upper-70s.
SATURDAY: As Joey Tribbiani would say, "How you doin’?!" Sun and clouds with afternoon highs flirting with 80 degrees!
SUNDAY: For the eighth consecutive weekend in a row, it's possible for some showers to potentially spoil some outdoor plans. I said spoil, NOT ruin. There is still time to see what this weather feature does. But face value of the guidance right now suggests rain starting around 3 p.m. and continuing through the night. Light but measurable showers through Monday.
I really hope this weekend pattern continues into winter which could up our chances for snow. With forecasting fingers crossed, I patiently wait for those colder outbreaks of air to marry up with the weekend threat of moisture.

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