Dave’s Forecast: Rainy Saturday, weather improves Sunday

Rainy weather begins Saturday afternoon and lasts into Sunday morning.

Dave Curren

Oct 13, 2023, 9:48 AM

Updated 284 days ago


TONIGHT: Clouds collect. Winds are northerly but light. Lows dip to 41-48 degrees.
SATURDAY: Early on is overcast. Showers begin to develop around lunchtime. More statewide soaking rain after 2 p.m. Heading to the Rutgers/Michigan State game? Bring an extra set of clothes to change into in the car. You're going to get wet.
Highs: 50 in northern New Jersey to 62 at the shore. Expect a half-inch to an inch of rain to collect. Minor street flooding is possible if drains and sewers become clogged with early fall debris.
SATURDAY NIGHT: Showers continue. Winds pick up, northerly 15+ mph. Lows: 43-47 degrees.
SUNDAY: Early rain for Sunday slowly lets up by lunchtime. Windy and partially sunny by the end of the day. Highs are still on the cool side of seasonable, 58-63 degrees.
DAVE’S THOUGHTS: I'm trying to find an upside to the current weather pattern, and if you are a winter lover like I am, you'll appreciate that. If this pattern continues into winter - and October is a good month to see the weather pattern for early winter - we may be tracking winter storms for Saturdays and Sundays. Local skiers and snowboarders rejoice. Forecasting fingers are crossed that this observation pans out. But before the cold can turn this moisture into my beloved snow, we have to deal with RAIN for this weekend.

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