Scorcher in New Jersey to bring temps in the 90s this week

Dave’s Forecast: December starts off with mild temperatures and the possibility of some rain

Friday will see the possibility of some evening rain with daytime highs in the low- to mid-50s.

Dave Curren

Nov 30, 2023, 11:50 AM

Updated 200 days ago


November comes to an end today. We saw 13 days that were above average, while 10 days were below average. There were six days that, as Goldilocks once said, were "Just right."
Overall, though the temperatures were right on the money, statistically speaking, it looks like precipitation was just slightly below average for the month.
Now what can we look forward to for the last month of the year?
For starters, it looks like for the first few days of the month, temperatures will be above average. A normal daytime high is 49. The temperatures for tomorrow into the weekend will be in the mid- to upper-50s.
The month also starts off wetter than normal.
A series of systems will steer through and stay close to the coast. This will allow for occasional showers. There isn't any one BIG storm this week. We get scraped with a few minor disturbances that keep the weather unsettled. After this system slides away by the middle of the week, cooler temperatures will become the center billing on the weather marquee for next week.
FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy with the possibility of some evening rain. Daytime highs around 52. Overnight lows around 37.
SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy with some sunshine peeking through. Daytime highs around 55. Overnight lows around 41.
SUNDAY: Cloudy with some chance for rain Sunday night. Daytime highs around 56. Overnight lows around 47.
MONDAY: Cloudy with some morning rain possible. Daytime highs around 53. Overnight lows around 45.

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