Customers claim East Windsor Target is hoarding limited edition Stanley cups

Angry customers made their voices heard at a Target store in East Windsor when they were allegedly denied new limited edition Valentine’s Day Stanley cups.
The brand of insulated tumblers has gained a massive fanbase, with many people reselling the newest cups for hundreds of dollars.
Customers say they were told the cups in the East Windsor location were sold out and had to be ordered online. But when a cart full of the products was later spotted, customers were still denied and unable to purchase the items on the app or website.
"Team leads were saying that they had the directive to sell the cups, but when we were on the phone with corporate, we were told something completely different," said East Windsor's Ashley Levels. "They said the cups were to sold in stores not online because it's a limited edition and each Starbucks within the target stores had a very limited amount."
News 12 New Jersey has reached out to Target for comment and is waiting to hear back.