Criminal complaint unveils allegations that mother abused Jashyah Moore

New details have emerged from a criminal complaint about the case of an East Orange teen who had been missing.
According to the complaint, Jamie Moore had a history of physically abusing her 14-year-old daughter Jashyah Moore.
The mother allegedly stabbed her daughter, sprayed bleach in her eyes, pulled her braids out and hit her on the head with a frying pan. She is also accused of putting her knees on the teen's neck and back, causing the teen to struggle to breathe.
Jamie Moore allegedly forced her daughter to log out of remote learning so that she could panhandle for money and take care of her younger brother. Authorities say that Jashyah was not enrolled in school this year, even though she wanted to be.
According to the complaint, Jashyah told police that on Oct. 14 – the day she went missing – her mother verbally berated her and cursed at her for losing a payment card. She says that her mother grabbed her by the neck, scratching her. Jashyah also apparently told investigators that she knew if she went back home, her mother would beat her.
Jamie Moore reported Jashyah missing about a month ago. Then, she started speaking out about the investigation about 10 days ago. She was seen last week crying and yelling in front of news cameras. She insisted that Jashyah did not run away, but was abducted.
Police had said that no foul play was suspected, contradicting the mother. Jamie Moore and the East Orange community organized a large search effort to find the teen.
Jashyah was eventually located safely in New York City. She was apparently staying in a shelter in Brooklyn for a time.
Authorities say that she ran away from home to escape the abuse.
Jamie Moore is now facing two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. She will face a judge on Wednesday.
Jashyah and her 3-year-old brother are in the care of the state.