Crews plot next move for boat that washed ashore in Point Pleasant

Crews continued to attempt to remove a 77-foot-long boat that washed ashore in Point Pleasant, which remained stuck on the beach as of Saturday night.
The crews removed diesel fuel from the boat on Friday evening. Everyone aboard the boat was rescued.
On Saturday, tugboat salvage crews were able to flip the vessel so that it faced the ocean.
The scene has drawn in spectators from across the state and beyond.
"To see something like this is totally crazy," said Susan Pecina, of Kenilworth. "I can’t imagine how it happened. We’ve been watching it on News 12."
Several people took selfies in front of the boat and sent pictures of the scene to friends and family.
“My daughter's away right now and I’m like, ‘You won’t believe this,’ so I sent her the pictures,” Pecina said.
Officials had not provided an update on when or how they’re planning on getting the boat back out at sea as of Saturday night. However, salvage crews could be seen using a tugboat throughout the day.
“I’ve only seen that boat out there that seems to be connected to it. I don’t know if they’re planning on pulling it from the bow.” said Leah Ankosko, of Brick. “My husband’s out of town. He’s a big boater, so I’ve been taking photos and videos trying to keep him updated.”
People at Point Pleasant took their best guesses on when they believe the boat will be removed based on high tide.
“It’s pretty far up, so when the tide comes in, I don’t know if it will come in far enough to actually float the boat,” said Tom Burke, of Manasquan. “So they might be up against dragging it along the sand before they can get it back in the water. That’s up to them.”
Crews would not comment on camera but it's likely they're waiting for high tide to help them out.