WATCH: Dramatic rescue video caught on camera as 77-foot boat runs ashore in Point Pleasant Beach

The incident happened around daybreak near Jenkinson's North Inlet Beach in Point Pleasant Beach.

Eliecer Marte

Nov 17, 2023, 3:40 PM

Updated 156 days ago


The investigation into how a fishing boat ran ashore in Point Pleasant Beach is ongoing. The event has gotten a lot of attention from locals and tourists at the Jersey Shore.
Spectators gathered along the Point Pleasant Beach coast Friday evening, waiting for the 77-foot fishing vessel to get towed off the sand.
The boat ran ashore Friday morning, near Jenkinson's North Inlet Beach. Natives of the Jersey Shore like Jason Barris say they are astonished at the sight. They say this was a historic event.
“This is the first time I’ve seen one washed up. I was born, grew up here my whole life. That’s a pretty impressive site,” Barris says.
The dramatic rescue of crew members onboard the Rhode Island-based Susan Rose was caught on camera.
“It’s pretty sad. As a fisherman myself and a boat owner, it is pretty hard to see, you know? Luckily, it didn’t hit the rocks. It is a sad situation, but they will straighten it out,” says fisherman Chris Mazzarella
Diesel fuel was removed from the boat earlier Friday evening. Now the wait is for a high tide to bring the Susan Rose back into the water.
No one on the boat was seriously injured.

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