Cranford neighbors on high alert following recent home break-ins on Crane Parkway

Police say this isn't the first time the home was targeted because of their BMWs parked in front of the house.

Lauren Due and Lanette Espy

Jan 23, 2024, 5:55 PM

Updated 174 days ago


Cranford neighbors are on edge after a home on Crane Parkway was broken into Sunday. Police say this isn't the first time the home was targeted because of the BMWs parked in front of the house.
Cranford police say two suspects used a crowbar to force entry through a living room window early Sunday morning after they failed to get into the locked front door. Another suspect waited in a white SUV. The homeowners were home at the time and watched it all happen on their surveillance cameras. The suspects stole several items from the home. It's not clear what was stolen but police made it clear that there were two BMWs parked on the property.
Police say suspects also attempted to break into the Cranford home the day after Christmas around 6:45 p.m. But they were startled by barking dogs and sped off in a dark SUV.
“Look, a car is a car. Like at the end of the day if you take my car, just leave my family alone, I think that's my mentality right now,” said Corinne LaPlaca, who lives nearby. “Unfortunately, there is a certain type of car they seem to be targeting, which is a little nerve wrecking as well. I don't own one those, but I feel bad for the people that do."
Another Cranford resident, Tom Klein, told News 12 that the neighborhood has to “police” itself.
“There are only so many people that can…protect us. We got to protect ourselves and if we do it as a team, a neighborhood, it's better for all of us,” he said.

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