Couple ties the knot hours before bride gives birth to their son

 A Union County couple were married less than a minute before the bride was ready to give birth to their son.
Michael Gallardo and Marie Margarotondo were just days away from their wedding when her water broke three weeks earlier than expected.
The Westfield couple did not want the soon-to-be father to be listed as "fiance" on the baby's birth certificate.
"And I said, 'Is there any way somebody can marry uss like now before we give birth,'" Gallardo said. "And they kind of looked at us like seriously."
One nurse looked online to see if they could get ordained and another made Margarotondo a bouquet of flowers.
A chaplain eventually showed up and the couple's mothers served as the photographers while the nurses were bridesmaids. The new husband and wife wore hospital scrubs as their wedding attire.
Michael kissed his bride just second before she was rushed into the operating room for a C-section. Michael Preston Gallardo was born just seven hours later at Morristown Medical Center.
The bride and groom plan on going through with their official wedding ceremony in a few weeks.