County school officials roll out active shooter app, other safety tools

In the light of recent school shootings, at the top of the mind for parents with kids going back to school this fall is safety.
Officials at Bergen County Technical Schools have rolled out an app this year called GXP.
The app tracks where all emergency responders are on the scene in case of an active shooter.
The school district has over 600 cameras, and if they find someone who is suspicious, they can track that person.
They have what's called safety badges that each staff member wears.
“If there's an intruder in the building, this communicates to our staff so they know automatically what to do,” says Assistant Superintendent Andrea Sheridan.
There is also three additional armed school resource officers and more safety tools on tap.
“With transportation, we've added student ridership, ability to track students when they get on and off bus,” says Technology Coordinator Edmund Haywar. “Secondly, every internal door in the system, if we go into a lockdown, we will know if door is shut. Thirdly, inside the classroom, teachers can hit a button to say if they are safe or not safe.”
Sheriff Michael Saudino says the goal is to have all county owned buildings using the app by the end of the year.