County clerk: Dozens of Point Pleasant voters received mail-in ballots for wrong town

Several dozens of voters in Point Pleasant Borough accidentally received mail-in ballots for the wrong town, according to Ocean County Clerk Scott Colabella.
Colabella says that this was due to “human error” while workers at his office were placing ballots in envelopes to mail them out.
“It’s a volume we’ve never experienced before – 424,000 ballots,” he says.
Colabella says that 73 Point Pleasant Borough voters received ballots meant for voters in Long Beach Township.
“If you live in Point Pleasant Borough, please check your ballot. If it says Point Pleasant Borough, you’re fine. If it says Long Beach, please call our office immediately,” Colabella says.
More than 20 voters have come forward so far. But Colabella says that the ballots mostly went out correctly.
“We’re talking about 99.9% of the ballots are fine,” he says.
If a Point Pleasant resident had checked the box on the ballot for either Long Beach commissioner or Long Beach school board, the ballot would have been rejected as invalid. But for the council candidates, it's unlikely 73 votes could tip the race because they are running unopposed, according to Colabella.
The county clerk and other Ocean County Republicans are warning Gov. Phil Murphy that these isolated mistakes could happen while preparing New Jersey for a mostly-mail-in election.
“Ocean County vehemently opposed…we would have preferred in-person voting,” Colabella says.
Each municipality in New Jersey will have at least one polling place in town where people can vote in person via a provisional ballot.
Ballots for 26 out of 33 Ocean County towns have already been mailed out. Colabella says that he is sending out ballots for bigger towns like Toms River last. All of the ballots must be mailed out by Oct. 5.
Anyone who may have received the wrong ballots should contact their local county clerk’s office.