Convicted sex offender charged with harassing children inside stores

Police have arrested Tier-3 registered sex offender they say harassed children at several stores in New Jersey.
Howell Township police say that David Hohsfield, 62, was harassing girls as young as 8 and 12 years old inside retail stores.
“He specifically targeted mothers who were with young daughters,” says Howell Police Chief Andrew Kudrick.
Kudrick says that there were four incidents that took place at Walmart, Target and TJ-Maxx since May 4. He says that the first incident was inside the Target on Route 9, where Hohsfield allegedly followed a 12-year-old girl into the store’s swimwear section.
"He had a Bluetooth in his ear and he was pretending that he was having a conversation, which we know to be false,” Kudrick says.
Hohsfield was openly speaking in a vulgar and sexually explicit manner loud enough so that the girl could hear, according to police. Three other women have filed complaints that Hohsfield did the same to them at different times this month.
News 12 New Jersey looked into Hohsfield’s previous criminal records and found that he’s been arrested in three other counties for similar offenses. In 1997, 2002 and 2009 he was charged and convicted for trying to lure victims into his car.
Police say that they are concerned that there may be other victims. Kudrick says that he is especially concerned that female members of the Orthodox Jewish community may have been targeted.
"We are asking those residents if it happened, not to be embarrassed, not to be shy. Our doors are open for them,” Kudrick says.
Hohsfield was charged with several counts of harassment.
Anyone who may feel that they were victimized by Hohsfield is urged to call the Howell Township Police Department at 732-938-4111.