Concern over Jersey Shore abandoned apartment tower collapsing prompts road closures

New road closures are in place in Long Branch following more concern an abandoned apartment tower will collapse.
The Seaview Towers has been abandoned for at least 15 years, and remains a hazard by the boardwalk and beach front. The closures block access along Ocean Avenue. 
“There's definitely a lot of scary things about that building,” says neighbor Jennifer Glick.
Glick lives next to the Seaview Towers. Drone video from News 12 last week showed a gaping hole in the roof and floors inside collapsing onto each other – and now, city leaders want the building down. 
“You never know what could happen,” says Glick. “It's been there for so long, it definitely looks old.”
Mayor John Pallone Thursday night designated the south tower an imminent hazard, which will speed up demolition of the building. 
“The debris inside the building, whether it be asbestos, lead, animal droppings, when the wind enters that building, its views it around to the boardwalk and the surrounding area,” says neighbor Vince Lepore. The property owners now have 24 hours from the designation to take down the building. If they fail to do so, the city will do it for them and a lien will be placed on the property so the taxpayers won't be responsible for any of the cost. The boardwalk will also be closed in the area.
“Glad they're coming down,” says Rebecca Herring, of Monmouth Beach. “They're a little bit of an eyesore. They are really transforming the boardwalk and regentrifying this area and I'm just happy to see something new go up.”
The property owner had already appealed the city's actions and a hearing is scheduled in front of the Monmouth County Construction Board of Appeals for Jan. 21.