Cold weather and a new COVID-19 variant. How will that impact restaurants?

The holiday season has arrived, which also means colder weather, potentially impacting restaurants and businesses again. There is also a new COVID-19 variant. News 12 asked viewers how it will all impact indoor dining?
In Somerville, one viewer says, "I don't feel fully comfortable yet," while another says, "We as a family are comfortable with indoor dining."
Keeping track of the state’s dining trends and acting as a resource for its restaurants is the NJ Restaurant & Hospitality Association.
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"We're watching it like we were a year ago right?," says Dana Lancellotti, president and CEO of the NJ Restaurant & Hospitality Association. "So we're not anywhere different and now we're kind of getting used to this right? This note, I've continuously watching reports and where we are with the health situation."
Lancellotti is the organization's president and CEO. She and the agency have supported restaurants during the pandemic, and despite continuing staffing challenges, are optimistic restaurants will thrive this holiday season.
"Right now we are in a mood where I think people are able to operate well," says Lancellotti. "The hits keep on coming, they get knocked down, they brush themselves off and get up again."
She says the demand is there.