Cold Sunday in New Jersey; temperature dip further for start of workweek

Storm Watch Team meteorologist Michele Powers say some very cold air is heading to the region.
There will be a risk of rain on Sunday and possibly some snow showers though accumulations seem unlikely.
The start of the workweek will be cold and windy with temperatures in the 30s. The wind chill will have it feeling much colder. 
Powers say the second half of the week will see a warmup and a possibility of more rain.
Monday: Sun and clouds, windy and cold. Highs 30-35. Windchills near 20-25.
Tuesday: Sunny, less wind. Highs middle 40s.
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, milder. Highs middle 50s.
Thursday - Weather to Watch: Sun to showers and storms. Highs lower 60s.
Friday: Clouds to sunshine. Highs middle 60s.