Cold snap: Unseasonably cold temperatures surprise some NJ residents

It may be spring, but New Jersey is experiencing winter-like temperatures this week. High temperatures only reached the low- to mid-30s on Monday, and overnight lows were expected to drop into the 20s.
But some New Jersey residents were not going to let the cold weather stop them from going about their day. News 12 caught up with Adelina out for her nightly walk around the Newport section of Jersey City.
“Just to exercise a bit because I sit all day,” she says.
But the cold weather did force her to make a stop for some extra layers.
“I have my scarf. I thought I could get away with the one inside of my coat. I got this one, it was in the car,” she says.
It is not unheard of for temperatures to get this cold in late March. But Storm Watch Team meteorologists say that temperatures are about 15-25 degrees colder than normal.
“Really cold. It’s nothing like spring,” says Riddhi Tahaker, of Jersey City.
She says she luckily did not put her cold-weather accessories in storage just yet.
“They were still out. I was going to put them away, I’m glad I did not,” Tahaker says.
Sushant Kohli says he couldn’t find his gloves before he went out for a walk Monday night.
“I just got in my jacket. I was not ready to put it on, but I had to because of the cold,” he says.
This cold weather is potentially dangerous. Many towns in the state have called for warming centers to be opened.
Temperatures will remain cool through midweek.