Clergy members preach COVID-19 vaccinations to Essex County’s Black, Latino population

Pastors and Latino clergy members received their first dose today of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at Essex County College, as they preached the benefit of vaccination to the county’s Black and Latino population.
The pastors and Latino clergy members received their first dose in front of an audience to set an example for their community. A strong message was also relayed this morning that the pandemic is far from over.    
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“Everybody is starting to move on with their life,” said County Executive Joe DiVincenzo. “Yes, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, but this is far from over, especially here in Essex County. The vaccine is safe; the vaccine will protect you. I will not help you from not getting COVID, but what I will do is help you see your family. We are encouraging our people, our community to get vaccinated."
The county has been administering vaccines since December and has held outreach events such as the one today, educating the community and encouraging some of the most vulnerable to get vaccinated.
As of Monday, almost 100,000 people in Essex County were fully vaccinated. More than 135,000 are halfway there.