City of Newark teams with HelloFresh to distribute food to hundreds of residents

Hundreds of people in Newark were able to get healthy and homemade meals.
The city joined forces with HelloFresh to give away 3,000 meal kits. Each box includes enough food and meals for eight people.
Newark officials have held a drive-up and walk-up food distribution once a week since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers say there is always a huge turnout.
“Inflation, the prices of everything is going out the roof. And we need to be another source for people in terms of food and the insecurity inside the household,” says Amiri Baraka, chief of staff at the Newark Mayor’s Office. “For folks who have kids, they have got other priorities and people shouldn't have to choose between food and taking care of their kids "
The city plans to team up with HelloFresh again around Thanksgiving to give away thousands of free turkeys and meal kits to those who need them.