City of Newark holds its 89th annual St. Patrick’s Day parade

Newark's St. Patrick's Day parade is the oldest in the state.

Amanda Lee

Mar 15, 2024, 4:50 PM

Updated 33 days ago


The streets of Downtown Newark were filled with music and performances for the city’s 89th St. Patrick's Day parade. It's held every year on the Friday before St. Patrick's Day.
Long-time paradegoers say the crowds aren't as big as they used to be, but people still came out to celebrate and kick off the holiday weekend.
The parade started on Mulberry Street between Market Street and Raymond Boulevard and ended on Washington Street near Kilkenny’s Alehouse. The parade was dedicated to owner Rob Lynch who died in September.
The parade featured dozens of performances and community organizations. It started with a Catholic Mass and honoree ceremony.
News 12 spoke with this year's grand marshall, Ted Giblin, who's the third in his family line to take on the role. His father and grandfather have been grand marshalls in years past.
"All of my ancestors came from Ireland and they all came to Newark starting in 1893, so a little bit unusual but we’re still here after all these years and we still have this wonderful tradition alive,” Giblin says.
Newark's St. Patrick's Day parade is the oldest in the state.

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