CINDERELLA STORY: Students, fans welcome home Sweet 16-bound Peacocks to Jersey City

Peacock pride is on full display in Jersey City as the St. Peter's men's basketball team stepped off the bus Sunday, and back on their home court, as students and fans alike were in the stands to welcome them home.  
The team made its way back home following its victory Saturday night against Murray State. They were welcomed home with a pep rally at the school gym. 
Now it’s on to the Sweet 16 to face Purdue, a school that took the Peacocks out of the tournament back in 2011. 
“It’s exciting for the basketball team to go to the Sweet 16,” says student Menisha Lakhram. “I was like cheering them on and now we’re getting more popular.”
Their Sweet 16 East region is set to play this weekend in Philadelphia.