Central Jersey residents near Raritan River at risk of flooding

The Raritan River could cause flooding for homeowners who live around the waterway in Central New Jersey. News 12 has been keeping an eye on areas of New Brunswick, Sayreville and Piscataway as a powerful storm moves through the state.
The wind in Sayreville was gusting up to 36 mph around 4 p.m. Tuesday.
Homeowners along Major Road in Sayreville will need to closely watch what happens with the Raritan River Tuesday night as they sit right alongside it. That area tends to flood and cause property damage.
News 12 is also keeping an eye on New Brunswick. When there is significant rain, the Raritan River can spill over onto Route 18. News 12 has seen that roadway shutdown and townhouses and apartments sitting along 18 tend to suffer property damage.
That’s why there are signs on John Street Extension and Riverside Drive, warning people to move their cars to high ground during heavy rainfall. These storm drains tend to get filled quickly and that’s when cars and garages take on water.
A flood warning is in effect along the Raritan River until 7:30 a.m. Thursday.