Cedar Grove parents demand in-person learning as school abruptly goes all-virtual

Some parents in Cedar Grove are demanding that their children return to in-person learning after the schools abruptly switched to all-virtual learning.
Cedar Grove is one of at least 200 school districts that are going with all-virtual school. But parents in the town have had enough and showed up at a Board of Education meeting Tuesday night to speak their mind.
The main issue right now is that Cedar Grove does not have enough teachers. This is why a hybrid plan was abruptly changed, with the goal of going back to the hybrid method late next month.
The parents say that they are frustrated to see that other school districts and private schools have been able to figure out in-person learning.
One mother who spoke with News 12 New Jersey says that she is also a teacher in Newark. She says that she is trying to teach her students from home, while her first-grade son is also learning from home. She says that the virtual method is particularly difficult for younger students.
“I cry at least once a day. He cries at least once a day. They say we’re all in this together, but I’m not sure how much longer we can last like this,” says Meghan Barry.
Cedar Grove superintendent Anthony Grosso says that he is also struggling as a father of five children.
He says that the district has announced at the end of September, pre-K through fourth grade will move to hybrid learning. But this is not enough, according to some parents.
About six school districts in New Jersey have had cases of the virus among students. But there is no evidence that COVID-19 is spreading in the schools.