CDC signs off on COVID-19 booster shots; OKs mixing boosters

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has signed off on COVID-19 booster shots, and New Jersey residents were able to get theirs as early as this morning.  
Residents that spoke with News 12 have no problem getting the booster shot and for the most part, are comfortable with the idea of mixing and matching their booster. 
Essex County residents got started early today at their county vaccination center. County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo says walk ins are welcome for shots today.  
“Today is a great day for the county, the state, the entire country,” says Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo.
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The CDC says it’s also OK to mix the type of booster shot you get with a different vaccine you already received. 
“Listen, we have to trust it,” says DiVincenzo. “They’ve been very successful in what they said. It’s all about science and if you believe in science, you get the shot.”
Health experts say authorizing boosters can help pave the way to ending the coronavirus pandemic once and for all, but they stress it all starts with getting the initial shots.