Cars crushed, homes impaled by trees in Sussex County

Cars crushed, homes impaled by trees -- there is extensive damage all around Sussex County from what’s suspected to be a tornado.
One homeowner who lives on Helen Street says he and his family were all inside, and his wife from Nebraska immediately recognized the storm was nothing to be complacent about. They jumped into action.
"We were sitting watching TV, sitting down in the family room and all of a sudden it started to lightning. The power started to flicker and then it became very dark and it looked like a wind gust and it got heavier and heavier and heavier, and the trees were kind of blowing up from the ground,” says Stephen Yosh. “We got our daughters into a bathroom where they were safe and I was looking out.  I saw this tree fall first, I saw limbs flying by the house. I looked in the backyard I saw two or three trees come down from there."

The storm was over quickly, but the house suffered heavy damage.
The OEM went door to door checking on neighbors. No major injuries were reported.