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‘Worst nightmare.’ Car stolen in Irvington with 7-year-old boy inside

Police have yet to locate the driver of the blue vehicle or the passenger who stole the King family's car.

Ali Reid and Lanette Espy

Jul 5, 2023, 4:36 PM

Updated 350 days ago


It took 35 seconds for a man to steal a car from a driveway in Irvington and take off with a 7-year-old boy inside.
The boy, Jayden, is safe. His family shared details of the terrifying situation with News 12 New Jersey. They are relieved to have him back safe and sound.
The King family says everything happened in a blink of an eye. Avionne King says her husband was getting ready to take Jayden to his first day of extended school for the summer. He got Jayden in the car and decided to grab the recycling bin from the end of the driveway. A blue car then parked across the street. Two men were watching their home from across the street.
The passenger of the blue car got out, ran to the driveway, hopped in the husband’s car and took off.
“All my mind heard was, ‘They stole my son,’” Avionne said. “I was like what’s the license plates, where’s the vehicle, do you know anything?”
Fight-or-flight mode kicked in for the family who then called 911. They grabbed the keys to their other family’s car to begin chasing the blue car with their son in it.
Within seconds, they say the police located their car just a few blocks away. Their car was abandoned and with Jayden inside. He was safe and unharmed.
“I don't think they realized Jayden was in the car. I think that was the downfall,” Avionne said.
Jayden is autistic and nonverbal. The family’s fears were heightened even more knowing their son wouldn't be able to fully understand the heightened situation.
Avionne says her son's safety has always been No. 1 priority.
“He'll be in my arms all day. It's a relief because my worst nightmare is the fact my child could get stolen,” she said.
Police have yet to locate the driver of the blue vehicle or the passenger of who stole the King family's car. The incident is being investigated by the Irvington Police Department’s detective division.
“If they find him, they find him. The key person I needed them to find was that little one right there,” Avionne said while pointing to Jayden.

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