Cannabis users beware: Marijuana use may impact male fertility

Cannabis users – you have been warned. Marijuana use may impact male fertility.
A study from Duke University supposedly found that THC may be linked to low sperm count and can also change the genetic makeup of sperm.
“This study is significant in the fact that it confirms what we’ve seen in the past,” says Dr. Natan Bar-Chama, director of male reproductive medicine at Mt. Sinai Medical Center.
Researchers say that more studies are needed to prove whether or not the changes are permanent or if they can affect a future child’s development.
“We need to take studies like these seriously and expand them to understand better what are the risks associated with this social phenomenon,” says Dr. Bar-Chama.
The World Health Organization says that nearly 150 million people use marijuana each year.
New Jersey lawmakers are currently in the midst of working out legislation to allow for legalized recreational marijuana use for adults.