Camden County receives thousands of extra COVID-19 vaccine doses; opens additional appointments

Thousands of COVID-19 vaccine appointments unexpectedly became available at the Camden County vaccine center for Wednesday.
“I work in Camden on the waterfront and I received an email from my employer that said, ‘Hey, there’s a number of available appointments. Please, if you have time, take a look.’ So I jumped on the website,” says Cliff Braunstein, of Mount Laurel.
Braunstein was able to get an appointment at the Blackwood site for Wednesday. Gloucester Township resident Rachel Grodzielanek had a similar story.
“My original appointment was scheduled for Sept. 7 and I was like, OK, because I know a lot of people that are still waiting with bated breath to get their shots and to get their appointment. So just having one was comfort. But knowing that I could get in sooner was even better,” she says.
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Camden County received 10,000 extra doses of the Johnson & Johnson this week, as well as 1,000 extra doses of the Moderna vaccine, making the extra appointments possible.
“I got Johnson & Johnson, so I’m one and done,” says Grodzielanek. “I’m a one-hitter. It was great.”
Camden County officials say that they have administered nearly 75,000 doses of the vaccine at the Blackwood site and were able to open over 9,000 appointments this week.
This comes as New Jersey is set to open vaccine eligibility to everyone over the age of 16 on April 19.
Appointments at the Blackwood site are still available. Information about scheduling can be found on the county’s website.