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Camden begins door-to-door initiative to encourage more adults to get COVID-19 vaccine

A door-to-door initiative is now underway in Camden to get more residents vaccinated against COVID-19.

News 12 Staff

Sep 23, 2021, 10:20 PM

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A door-to-door initiative is now underway in Camden to get more residents vaccinated against COVID-19. The mayor of the city says that he won’t stop until he reaches his goal of having 70% of adults fully inoculated against the virus.
New Jersey hit the goal of having 70% of adults vaccinated about three months ago. But communities like Camden are still struggling.
Teams went door to door to encourage people to get the vaccine and to help them conquer whatever fears they may have.
Tangie Walker was one of those who was hesitant but received her dose on Thursday.
“I’m just scared of needles. But it wasn’t so bad,” she says.
Camden Mayor Vic Carstarphan says that he wants residents to have access to facts and not rumors about the vaccine.
“I’ve been in a situation where a community wouldn’t come out until one individual that’s trusted in the community stepped up and got a shot and that becomes a trust factor for our community, to say, ‘This is somebody who we know and we can talk to that’s going through this process,’ because there’s so much out there, so much misinformation out there,” he says.
The mayor says that about 66% of adults in the city have had at least one dose of the vaccine. He says that he will continue to advocate in the community to get to 70%.
“Some of my family members, my older family members are at risk, so I figured in order to see them, I would have to get the shot,” says Camden resident Daryl Davis. “Plus, my mom said, ‘You can’t come over here if you don’t have the shot.”
City officials say that their next hurdle will be to get parents to vaccinate their children who are eligible for the vaccine.
"I think it's very important, first and foremost, that we educate the parents so that they know the pros and cons and if they can make an educated decision,” says N’Namdee Nelson, vice president of the Camden City School Advisory Board.
Third doses of the vaccine were also made available to those who are eligible for booster shots.

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