Bystander severely burned after police chase sues city

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) - A severely burned bystander who allegedly was kicked and dragged by police after a high-speed car chase ended in a fiery crash is now suing the city where it occurred.
The lawsuit filed by Miguel Feliz-Rodriguez claims Jersey City police failed to safely handle the chase and assaulted him while he was on fire. The suit doesn't specify the amount of damages it seeks, but legal papers filed late last year said Felix-Rodriguez would be seeking up to $25 million.
Officers chased a man whose car resembled one used in a shooting, according to police. That car crashed, setting off a fire that engulfed a vehicle driven by Feliz-Rodriguez, a West New York resident who wasn't involved in the chase.
A video showed Feliz-Rodriguez exiting his car with his clothes on fire before being kicked by the officers.
Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop called a press conference to address the crash days later.
"A reasonable person that looks at that video would say that those do not look like helping hands," Fulop said.
Jersey City officials have declined to discuss the matter, saying the city doesn't comment on ongoing litigation.
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