Buy a drink, get a COVID-19 test: New Jersey restaurant encouraging diners to get tested

Buy a drink and get a COVID-19 test -- that's how Cenzino Ristorante in Oakland is encouraging diners to get tested.
The restaurant is selling a drink called The Vaccinator -- a twist on the classic Manhattan.
The drink will cost you $20, but with it, you'll get a free 15-minute at-home rapid test kit.
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"He ordered up several cases of at-home kits for the staff, family members and friends, and two weeks ago I said 'what are we going to do with all of these kits?' We got about 300," says owner Regina Vitti. "I said to the staff, 'let's get creative. Folks, we have patrons who I'm sure need these kits.'"
The deal will be available while test kits last.