Butler School District to require students, staff to wear temperature-reading armbands

As New Jersey's schools make plans to return to the classroom during the pandemic, one district is putting in new technology to stay a step ahead of the virus.
The Butler School District's plan requires all students and staff in buildings to wear Bluetooth armbands that will provide daily temperature readings and will send reports to nurses to track health statistics.
Students and staff will be required to charge those armbands daily and wear them inside school buildings.
No student will be allowed inside a school without an armband.
Butler has 1,100 students and all are able to walk so no buses are needed. The district has decided to put students in two groups: one group will go to school five days straight and then have five days virtual. Those five days will be half-days.
On those half-days, kids will get a lunch, go home and then be online for specials such as music and art by 1:15 p.m. It's something they can do because students live so close to school.
The in-person instruction is for math, science, language arts and social studies.
Teachers will be required to work from school, so they won’t be able to teach online classes from home.