Business owners march in protest of Gov. Murphy's new restrictions

Dozens of protesters marched from Morris Township to Morristown to voice their frustration with Gov. Phil Murphy's restrictions on businesses.
The march began at the Morris Township police headquarters, and ended about a mile away at the Morristown Police Department.
Business owners, elected leaders and more attended the event that was organized by We The People New Jersey.
Speakers at the march are urging Murphy to trust businesses to make their own decisions because they can't afford another shutdown.
"The goal of today's event is to ask the governor to acknowledge the rights of all the people, which means if you want to stay home with a mask on, you have the right," says Heather Darling, of We The People NJ. "But people who want to go to work and want to go to schools should have their rights respected to be able to do that."
Earlier this month, Murphy restricted bars and restaurants from serving patrons inside after 10 p.m.
He also allowed municipalities to set a curfew for nonessential businesses starting at 8 p.m.
Murphy has said that he plans to keep restaurants open for the time being.
"You shut nonessential workplaces and indoor dining, you're basically putting a bullet in them," Murphy said. "And unless we see explicit transmission coming out of there, that's blood on our hands in a different respect."
Murphy has also called for more federal aid for affected businesses.
Outdoor gatherings will be restricted from 500 to 150 people starting Monday.