Brooklyn Beach Shop faces trouble with orders due to supply chain crisis

Businesses across New York City are currently being hit hard by the supply chain crisis, including a Coney Island beach shop that is struggling to order some of the products that its customers love.
Brooklyn Beach Shop owner Maya Haddad Miller says some of her popular items, such as beach chairs or saltwater taffy are either out of stock, or the shipments are delayed.
Because shops on the boardwalk are only open seasonally, Maya is trying to get a head start on next season, by ordering products early and in bulk.
Unfortunately, she says because demand is higher than supply right now, prices are consistently rising.
"I'm here because I'm trying to find merchandise for next year, so that I'm stocked before our short season begins. I need to hurry up and buy as much as I can, at the lowest price that I can, so that I can keep my prices still reasonable," said Miller.
As Miller tries to work around the shipping crisis, she is planning to keep the doors of her business open until Christmas. That way, she hopes the shop can come back better than ever next season.