Bridgeport man says faulty debit card is preventing him from taking son with special needs to Disney World

A Bridgeport senior with disabilities says a faulty debit card is keeping him from taking his son with special needs to Disney World for the teen's birthday.
Jorge Ortiz says he was going to pay for the trip with the $3,000 child tax credit he received from the IRS this year. But he says the debit card he got from his tax preparer as payment turned out to be faulty and says now the business won't make good on the money.
Ortiz says his son has been looking forward to the trip for months.
"I'm very poor. Like I said, I lost my wife three years ago. My son is severely autistic. This money I was going to use to take him to Disney World because me and his mother made him that promise and I've kept my promises all my life," Ortiz says.
News 12 Connecticut reached out to the tax preparer for comment but has not responded.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal says it is the responsibility of the tax preparer to make good on the $3,000 payment. Blumenthal says he will call the business personally and demand payment.