Brian Donohue explores the right of passage that is the ‘adult swim’

"It is now Adult swim." It was an announcement, blaring over the speaker system of my childhood swim club that could send 8-year-old me into a face-scrunching fit of "it's not fair" moaning and groaning.
All the kids were ordered out of the pool to make way for bathing cap-clad grandmothers and cigarette-smoking middle-aged men. And we all had to sit there and wait for what felt like forever.
On today's episode of "Brian's Positively New Jersey,' I headed to the Cranford Pool to ask kids what they thought of adult swim 40 years after I was forced to learn a hard lesson in patience and respect for elders.
And well? They still hate it.
But like so many things, one's perspective on adult swim changes with time.
And so today I took a triumphant well-earned dip through the still waters of middle age.
"It's part of growing up accepting that perhaps an adult really did have some wisdom," pool member Kathy Barz told me. "Any age is a good age."