Bread Gal Bakery in Paterson makes commitment to the community

Paterson is celebrating International Women’s Day by recognizing a local business owner.
Jessica Sillaro, owner of The Bread Gal Bakery, donates to food pantries and charities, such as the Father English Center.
She also commits to hiring local residents. People who live in Paterson make up over 80% of her workers.
"As a business owner here in Paterson, I have the ability, and also the responsibility, to give back to our community in any way that we can," she told News 12. "Women are able to make such amazing impacts in this world if they put their mind to it, and many of us do. We are all capable of it. Everybody has it inside of them.”
The Bread Gal Bakery can be found at 840 East 28th Street in Paterson.