Boogie Down Bees: Local beekeeper educating community on the importance of bees with apiary

A local apiary helped feed the community during the coronavirus pandemic. The beekeeper behind it all, Sean Flynn, has been teaching the lifelong skill for years. 
Flynn has dedicated his time to educating children on why beekeeping is an important skill to know and personally set up an apiary at Kingsbridge Heights Community Center. He also cultivates his own honey: Boogie Down Bronx Honey.
The nonprofit community center educates the youth with a hands-on experience where they not only get to put on gear and open the hives but also make their own honey. 
Siponey co-founder and CEO Amanda Victoria is also in on the effort and has created a spritz that reflects the importance of honeybees and how she believes they are the first step in recovery for the environment. 
Flynn tells News 12 his hope is to continue the education on why bees are so important in our everyday lives.