Body shop employees caught stealing, performing lewd act in customer's vehicle

Several body shop employees were caught on camera rummaging through a customer’s car - and even performing a lewd act. The customer reached out exclusively to News 12 New Jersey.
Nicholas Gates lives miles away from the Denville Bear & Body Service in Morristown, but he decided to have his car repaired there after an Aug. 19 accident. He says it was because they would be able to repair his car in time for his upcoming vacation and they had good reviews. Gates only got his car back on Tuesday, two weeks after the original due date, due to delays.
He says that after noticing things in his car had been moved, he decided to check his dashboard camera. He says that what he found was disturbing
Gates says one person was seen rummaging through the vehicle and taking a small amount of money. Another employee was seen smoking an e-cigarette.
But Gates says the most disturbing part is, "Whoever had turned on my vehicle next did the unfortunate thing of deciding to touch himself.”
Gates says he reached out to the shop and is waiting to hear back. He wants to see the employees involved face repercussions.
"So many people probably bring their cars there who don’t have a camera and these things probably can still happen and they can’t prove it or have any proof of it,” says Gates. “The guy who decided to touch himself, I do hope that they get charged with something because it’s simply not OK."
Gates and his family say they will be filing a police report.
The owner of Denville Bear & Body Service told News 12 the person who rummaged through the car and took cash was a tow truck driver who was delivering the car to the shop, not one of his employees. He added he is horrified by the acts of the other people and is currently looking into the matter and talking to his attorney about what they can do next.